The NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT OF PROTECTED AREAS IN ROMANIA (INDIAPR) is open for any scientific and cultural knowledge, traditional or modern, established and recognized on a national, European and/or global level, which aim the raising of the quality of life, conserving and developing biodiversity.

At the base of actions of the INDIAPR the following principles stand:

  1. Respect for human rights under the Charter of the United Nations
  2. Respect for fundamental values of man (respect for dignity and integrity of a person, respect for individual uniqueness, correct and complete information of man, respect for diversity of man, for confidentiality of a person, etc.).
  3. Improving the quality of life, being aware of the fact, that health, social security, economic stability of society, as well as ecological security, conserving biodiversity and natural resources are essential in defining this.
  4. Respect for the integrity, genetic and ecological diversity of resources of natural habitats.
  5. Conserving and rationally using the natural resources of our planet.
  6. The NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT OF PROTECTED AREAS IN ROMANIA (INDIAPR) promotes authentic values, the right of free choice, political and religious freedom, the non-discrimination on criteria of race, nationality, etc.
  7. The NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT OF PROTECTED AREAS IN ROMANIA (INDIAPR) has a Code of Ethics of its own, in accordance with Romania’s law and European and international ethical principles.


  1. The development of Research Activities, in the domain of protected areas and quality of life, with an Inter-, Pluri- and Transdisciplinary approach, within INDIAPR but as well as through partnerships with other organizations, from Romania, Europe or on an international level.
  2. The elaboration of conservation and development strategies for protected areas and applying INDIAPR’s principles and goals.
  3. The elaborations of legislative propositions and decisions of local, county, regional, national, European, etc. authorities, for the conservation and development of protected areas and principles which stand at the base of INDIAPR.
  4. The elaboration and implementation of projects in order to reach the goals and principles of INDIAPR, individually but as well as in partnership with other national, European and international organizations, institutes.
  5. Conceiving, developing and promoting the totality of forms and methods of social-economic development, of which basis represents firstly the insurance of a balance between these social-economical systems and elements of the natural capital.
  6. Promoting and implementing the principles and goals of INDIAPR by improving the quality of life through education, counseling and other activities in order to reach the goal.
  7. Creating, by establishing a harmonious balance between science, culture, tradition and spirituality, etc., a necessary institutionalized frame for identifying, studying and researching, valuing any authentic values of scientific, cultural, traditional knowledge, in order to promote and implement the principles and goals of INDIAPR.
  8. Promoting a positive, optimistic thinking and attitude, a care for ourselves, others around us, for our environment, in order to maintain and improve our state of health so that we can increase the quality of life and the average lifespan.
  9. Training of specialists in the domain of INDIAPR’s, according to European and/or international standards.

10.  The development of the domain of INDIAPR, through continuous specialization and improvement, and through promoting research activities and cooperation with other specialists, from Romania and abroad.

11.  The development of partnerships, common programmes and projects with other similar organizations, European and/or international.

12.   Cooperation with institutions, organizations, educational and research units, with experts from diverse domains, etc. from the country and abroad in order to promote and implement INDIAPR’s principles and goals, the permanent improvement of the level of knowledge, personal and professional training and increase of the quality of life.


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