“The continental land areas of the America’s are among the world’s most comprehensively protected land areas – taken together some 22% of the land surface of Hispanic South America and Brazil fall within protected areas. By contrast, wide areas of Asia remain unprotected. In many parts of South Asia, the land is now largely accounted for with intensive human occupation and few natural areas remaining. By contrast, in North Eurasia there are still vast areas of natural or semi-natural lands, but to date only a small proportion of these have been designated as protected areas. The Pacific islands are the least protected land areas in the world. Although the Antarctic appears to have little protection this is because the continental area is not covered, although in reality receives considerable protection under the Antarctic Treaty. There is considerable variation between regions in terms of the application of the IUCN management categories. As might be expected, in regions of intense or long-standing human occupation, managed landscapes tend to predominate: in South Asia category IV predominates (51% of the total area protected), in Europe category V (46%), and in North Africa and the Middle East category VI (62%).” (For more information read here)


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