PAN (Protected Area Networks) Parks

PAN Parks applies an independent verification system for protected areas and business partners that requires compliance with a set of strict.

Complying with the PAN Parks criteria requires parks – among others – to improve their management practices and create a wilderness zone untouched by human hands.

However, visitors are welcome in PAN Parks: one of the certification principles for protected areas involves the successful adoption of a Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy, fostering an equal emphasis on the best conservation practices and the co-operative stimulation of local tourism-based economies.

New partnerships between protected areas, authorities and nature-based tourism businesses are created as the Tourism Strategy is approved by the local PAN Parks group, comprised of regional stakeholders. (For more information, read here)

NATURA 2000 Coalition Projects

The Natura 2000 Networking Programme builds on the solid achievements of the Natura Network Initiative, a successful project, which was implemented during 2004-2006. It specifies an integrated approach, recognising the essential contributions of different stakeholders responsible for, and interacting with Europe’s rich diversity of Natura 2000 sites and surrounding areas. Focusing on communication, capacity building and the value of working in partnership to achieve nature conservation objectives, the Natura 2000 Networking Programme will create a series of training events, themed workshops and practical tools to promote Natura 2000, good practice in site management and the benefits of networking, across Europe. The Natura 2000 Networking Programme is funded by the European Commission and managed on their behalf by Eurosite, the European Landowners Organization and the EUROPARC Federation.

Natura 2000 Coalition Projects:

  • We want a chance for Nature in Court!
  • “Legal skiing in protected areas in Romania”
  • Together for conservation of nature and responsible tourism
  • “Natura 2000 – man in harmony with nature”

For more information read here.


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